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Hi, I'm Leigh-Ann and I co-own Freckled Nest Design with @KylaRoma. In 2006, I founded Freckled Nest as a self-taught designer doing Web Design, teaching online courses and making handmade goods. I've been self-employed ❤ for 6 years, working with and celebrating incredible women and business' that make a creative & meaningful impact in our world. This year, Kyla's taking care of almost everything (and kicking butt!) while I design part time and attend College for Graphic Design. School's going well and I'm settling into lots of changes this year!

I live with my dog Lola in a cute house and we watch a lot of TV and take awesome naps. I'm big hearted, preparanoid, earnest, fun, exuberant and quick to smile. I love color, pop culture, new ideas, typography, buttons, Tegan & Sara, perfect systems, Apple, and nice people.

I cherish my career as a designer & entrepreneur -- dreaming and building away -- so I thought it only natural to record my inspirations, projects and big & little life moments here in a personal blog. Welcome & feel free to call me LA. xoxo

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